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Resume/CV & Cover Letter Consulting

Are you having a difficult time communicating your most compelling story in your resume? Are you challenged with the difficulties of changing careers, and unsure how to best re-position? You will work closely with SPC to curate an impactful and compelling resume that will surpass your competitions’. You will walk away with a strong baseline resume in addition to new tools and tricks that you learn throughout the iterative process.

Application Strategy Consulting

Are you applying but not seeing results? Are rejection emails flooding your inbox? Work closely with SPC to strategize your most effective application approach. Differentiate yourself by remaining as a highly diversified, technically savvy, and unique candidate.

Collegiate Consulting

Are you getting the internship and post-grad opportunities that you deserve? Recently graduated, or nearing graduation? Entering the workforce can be a challenging and complex road to navigate. Work one-on-one with SPC to learn how to strategically position yourself as a new graduate to achieve your career goals.

Interview Preparation Consulting

Are you really nailing your interviews? Not sure why you make it to the interview stage, but don’t land an offer? Work with SPC to refine your interview game. SPC will be able to give you the reality of what interviewers look for, as SPC has been on the other side of the table. Review your interviewing blind spots to enhance your experience to be most confident and effective in your interviews.

Salary Negotiation Consulting

Not sure where to start on negotiation? Unhappy with the offer presented and feeling uneasy about the next step? Work with SPC to strategically work this conversation, potentially among various offers. SPC offers methodical, sound, and strategic advice that will have you remain confident in the final offer you accept.


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