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Overall Gap Analysis

Do you know where your gaps are? Knowing is the first step. Connect one-on-one with Stephanie to understand where your blind spots may lie, and discuss an effective strategy to mitigate them.

Don’t Settle For Less

The Process

Phase I: Resume Review

Typically resume review is a logical first step. Work one-on-one with Stephanie to optimize your existing resume, or create one from the ground up. The approach is rigorous and in depth which will give you the confidence to differentiate your resume from the competition.

Phase II: Application Strategy

Do you know what your strategy will be? Does your current strategy return results?  Aggressive and dedicated, Stephanie will provide you with the tools you need for an effective application approach.

Phase III: Interview

Unsure how to prepare? Not sure why you got the interview but didn’t land an offer? Unsure how to communicate with recruiters? Work one on one with Stephanie to review your blind spots and really enhance your interview competitive edge.

Phase IV: Negotiation

The toughest part – money.
An uncomfortable conversation at a minimum, but necessary. Work one on one with Stephanie to carefully navigate this intricate conversation. Get what you’re worth without risking the opportunity.

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